About us

Galerie Roche was founded in 1983 in Bremen.

Our activity spans the whole spectrum of classical modern art ranging from:

Another focus of the gallery is the sale and purchase of paintings, works on paper, graphics and sculptures of the 20th century.

Dealing in works by artists such as: Adochi, Bouten, Buchheister, Buchholz, Cantens, Corneille, Cavael, Fautrier, Gaul, Gill, Jawlensky, Luce, Moll, Oelze, Othon-Friesz, Pfeiffer-Watenphul, Picasso, Ray, Reth, Rohlfs, Serpan, Stuckenberg, Thieler, Vlaminck, Watts, Westphal, Wessel-Zumloh, among others

Our Gallery has also its own studio for picture restoration and framing of all sorts.

The gallery is located near Bremen’s city centre, ca. 10 minutes walk from the main station.