Cookies policy

This page explains how the cookies are used on this website. If you want to use this site further, you agree to and accept our use of cookies.

The use of cookies can be made by Galerie Roche on its own initiative or by the service of a third party.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are usually set from a Web site on your PC. Cookies thereby are used for various applications. However, they are never a risk because they lack any "active" ability. So you can not perform any malicious applications. These are almost exclusively information that is necessary for convenient Internet use.

The uses of cookies are diverse and not limited to enumerability. Basically they are small pieces of information that holds, for a certain time, available information.

Cookies can save your login information. This means you do not have to enter your data again after submitting the page.

Cookies provide a limited extent of information about the users. For example, when enter and left the site. When the user returns? How long he has stayed? Through this information web offers can be improved.

Cookies can store formular fields in advance. This will help you in completing data automatically integrated with repeated use.

Through this stored information, cookies are suitable for both parties of website users.

For providers of a website cookies are especially helpful. They divulge for example, information about whether a user has already visited the site. This can determin how the user has enter the site, which he has visited and where he has left the page. In this manner, websites can continuously improve and optimize service for the users.

As described befor, Cookies are primarily used to store tiny bits of information. These increase the usability and user friendliness of a website.

A cookie is generally valid only for a certain time after it expires. They can be saved for a few hours to years.

Some cookies have a uniquely identify, a so called unique ID. A number that is assigned to a specific PC. If a website is repeatedly visited this site knows that the cookie was previously here. This will be seen as a return visitor.

Cookies of reputable web suppliers do not include any personal data. In exceptional cases this may be the case. In advance, you will then, as a rule be informed, that there are strict privacy rules that apply.

So it can be said that cookies only provide anonymous information in most cases. So these do not allow any conclusions to you as a person.

Here some points to be noted for allowing cookies. Primarily this includes the convenient use of websites. Imagine, when you every day surf the net, you have to enter your user name and password everywhere Cookies take care of these tedious tasks for you.

So cookies do have a right to exist, when it comes to the more convenient use of a website.

But the user has the ability to configure his browser to be informed of the receipt of cookies and to prevent their installation on his computer. Please see below how cookies are removed / disabled.

From the technical point of view, cookies present no danger, as can be found in viruses, Trojans, and other malicious applications, and make no active malicious acts. You can not catch, through a Cookie, no trojans or other malicious software.

Our use of cookies

Galerie Roche informs you that it's website use Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc. Google Analytics provides a number of cookies (4 by default) on your computer for the sole purpose of assessing the nature of surfing, which is performed by the user as well as to report website activity.

Google stores the information through cookies on servers located in the United States, and undertakes not to pass them on to third parties where required by law, or it is necessary for the operating system. Google will in no way put your IP address in conjunction with other information.

Google Inc. is a company bound by the Safe Harbor Agreement. This agreement ensures that data transmission with a degree of protection in accordance with European standards are discussed. Details can be acquired from the following link: Registration form in Google Safe Harbor Agreement.

For more information about the cookies used by Google Analytics, please go to this link: Concepts of cookies by Google Analytics.

Google has developed a plug-in that can be installed in your browser if you do not want to be spied on by the cookies: Complement opt-out of Google Analytic.

In addition, this site uses cookies for other reasons, such as collection and preservation of preferences. Ensuring and maintaining the durability in the session and the language. And in general, other third-party cookies, for example on Facebook or Twitter. These cookies are set independently by third parties, so this site does not have the authority to access them.

How to remove / disable cookies

The control of the cookies and your preferences can be managed via the browser. Here is a list of how it is done in the most common browsers.

Follow this link to learn how to disable cookies on your device